Saturday, June 18, 2005


Well, it is finally official... I am not a soft-cock!

After months of putting it off Ive finally gone and got me a tattoo. Choosing what I wanted turned out to be the hardest part, but I must thank BourbonBird for helping me decide on exactly what I wanted. With her being somewhat of a doyen on these things, I thought long about her idea to tattoo a penis on the side of my face pointing at my mouth. Pig headedly, i declined the face-penis and opted for what you see in the picture.

My tattoo

It's my daughters initials (Im glad her middle name is not Olivia), with her date of birth in roman numerals (just so you Yanks know, in Australia we write the date dd/mm/yyyy so dont tell me its a frikkin typo).

For everyone who says tattoos dont hurt.... BULLSHIT!

It hurt more than I thought it would, not unbearable, but very noticable. The needle actually goes in about 3mm, I guess the closest thing I can think to it is putting yourself through a sewing machine.

Having said that though, I cant wait to get another bigger, meaner, badder tattoo.